legit or scam ?

Today we were searching the web and happened to run across a specific website offering fresh credit card dump that enable you to buy various things and services online as if you possessed a physical credit card. The site is called, and the most remarkable thing about it is that it looks like a real financial community on the internet, but our team doubted its reliability assuming that it was just another scum, but assumptions alone will hardly ever prove anything, so that’s why we were dedicated enough and do some online research in order to figure out whether this resource should deserve your trust.

As for its interface, bingodumps isn’t really an original website containing one white page with some contacts bellow, it can operate in bazar domain area and features some bots on Telegram. The thing that’s worth mentioning the most is its relation to crypto currencies. The site notifies it accepts Dash, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin cash. The site owners also mention that they despise so-called checkers who do investigations to reveal their real intentions, so they write a lot about trust between them and their clients which seems to be extremely suspicious because the reliability of resources like that should go without saying, but in fact they have no successful proofs of their legit business, blaming checkers for all possible bad luck they encounter in crazy attempts to sell some trash that can’t buy you anything on the internet.

Then there came another stage of our internet research where we put that site on test trying to get to know its primary data. IP is located in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. The provider’s name is bank campus network & e-commerce cluster. The site was created on 2017-06-13, updated – 2017-06-30, registry expiry date is due to 2018-06-13 and this is going to be so soon.

Initially looking at the main page, we had an impression that this site looks so cheap and so poorly built, the design is miserable, and we started to doubt the legitimacy of the resource. In attempts to make use of the site we couldn’t actually make anything useful. We tried to create an account in order to sign up, but we had to wait for such a long time to receive a letter containing confirmation link, but in fact we didn’t receive absolutely anything from the site. We refreshed the page trying to create one more account, but an error script emerged on the screen so unexpectedly, and we were left without a chance of checking all they advertise more thoroughly. Since we were persistent seekers of the truth, we didn’t give up on that idea and thus researched the web and ran into trustworthy forums on online communities’ websites where people were completely discontented with the experience they have obtained on that damn, and the most heart-breaking problem was with crypto currencies. The site owners willingly accepted payment transactions, but they didn’t do any job at all so that customers were deceived in a very crude way. It isn’t completely their own fault, but at least they should have been a little bit more careful. Share your thoughts on this sharp issue in the comments if you feel like it.

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    1. I’ve been ripped by wish I saw these comments earlier, which reliable and safe site can I buy btc?

  1. The wallet that they create for BTC and bitcoin cash are the same. I want to know is it normal ? And when I use the atm to put coin in. The wallet never receive anything.

  2. I tried this site yesterday and followed all the rules and still got scammed. I got a dead card and refunded within an hour but got rejected for no reason. 10/10 SCAM DON’T USE THIS SITE.

  3. Yeah i don’t know this shit fake bruh i tried to get a refund but got denied. Mad dead pieces any legit ones?

  4. I was reffered to bingo by my friends. Never regretted. I buying only there so far. About a few weeks now. he always got my bins

  5. hello I bought a dumps and I received not used lam but I got what you will

    B4661880058329332^ASHBURN /SCOTT^200420100216000000*4661880058329332=20042010236601216*VISA*CLASSIC*BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY*DEBIT*USA*USA, NC, High Point, 27262*World_ZIP_Sharp X [SweetLove]*$8.97

    Use you and tell me if it’s ok

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