CC to BTC via Skrill

Items needed

1. Fresh CC with CV and fullz info (sold by a number of vendors like dumps247)


Note – If you find someone with SNN/DOB or mothers maiden name included with CC/CVV buy it quick. I can card almost any site with that info and the are sold all the time online.

2.  Id Scan(Make your own or by one from a vendor her on EVO)

3.Recommended- A anon phone with number from the same area code as card holder.(I did not do this but still would not hurt)

4.Valid Socks5 proxy from as close as possible as card holder(Before going any further go ahead and switch to your socks5 proxy now)

Let’s get started

Before we card anything we need to clean our computer. (If you cant find these let me know, but they are all over the net)
1. Download CCleaner (This will clean your computer)-This is free
2. Download TMAC V.6 (This will change your Mac address)-This is free
-Ok, run the CCleaner program and clean your PC.
-Next run TMAC V.6 (When changing your MAC address pick a new address close to the
card holder)
-Now we need to open our command prompt.(go to start/run/type cmd). Once the command promt is open type the following….
first type:

ipconfig/ release ipconfig

next type:

ipconfig/ renew ipconfig
now type:

ipconfig/ flushdns
Now you are ready!!!!!!!

Overview of how this works

1. We first need to open a skrill account at
2. Use the card holders details to register at skrill.(Use a anonymous e-mail and phone number cause uoi will use them)
3. Next add the CC information to the made skrill account.
4. Now for the magic, the next step is to get verified, but do not do this on the website. Instead call there 1800 number and tell the rep that the online verification is not working and you need to get verified (Its best to use a phone number with same area code as card holder or you may draw a red flag). The rep will give you a e-mail address and ask you to send a copy front/back of your ID or passport.(Use the fake Id scan from one of the vendors you purchased here on the market place). Send the ID scan and wait for 30 minutes.


Eventually they will ask for two forms of verification, if this happen just come to Dreammarket and buy a fake utillity bill scan or similiar)

5. Once you waited for thirty minutes call the 1800 number back and ask about your verification(This speeds up the proccess and raises the already high percentage of success)
6. Once you hear the words “You are verified” then say thank you and hang up.
7. Now as long as your card is valid and have funds on it then add money to the skrill account and hall ass over to any site that accepts skrill for purchasing bitcoins(I used virwox but just google buy bitcoins with skrill cause there are better sites out there).


1. Do not leave money in the skrill account, transfer your funds asap.
2. Do not call the rep center with a guys voice and a girls card.
3. Do not tell everyone about this or it will not work anymore.
4. Never use your own information, phone number, address, etc
5. Buy a socks5 proxy service, public proxys are slow and most are blacklisted and will not work for carding.