Credit card dumps, what is this, how to use.

GUIDLINE Carding with dumps by OrlandoMan 

What it is necessary for me for the carding? 

Nice question to answer, money will be necessary for you. And at first this will be useful, but it isn’t obligatory at the beginning. You have to receive these objects at some time, but they aren’t necessary to you at once. And I will explain why in the further description. 

The computer laptop is better than anything else because it allows to take it with you on the laptop in case you want. If you don’t possess a laptop, you can get by with your P.C. until you are able to buy it. But definitely, with the home PC you can’t take it with you on the operating systems 

Encoder. According to the practice, almost everyone possesses or speaks about MSR206, it is, apparently, the most popular encoder. AMC722 can also be an option. AMC722 has same in options but is usually cheaper. Search the internet, and you will get it at quite good deal. One company can deliver it to you promptly and accepts Western Union payment. There is a special deaL for 550,00 US dollars, you will get MSR206 + Exeba Encoding Software + 50 loko-cards or cards of hico. Besides, UBUYWERUSH also has quite good offers with them and is the checked supplier. The tested software that are suitable for MSR206 are Exeba Comm or TheJerm. 

Bag for the laptop. Inside it you can also place the laptop and the encoder. It is pleasant to have it if you decide to take the laptop and the encoder with you. 

Power Inverter – is necessary for using the encoder and good to have the lap top last long without dying. They can be easily purchase even in the children shops. 

Novelty identifier. It has to be the first in your long list of the things that you need to get. It will be necessary for you at some period because you surely will not want to use your personal information. Never use you r real data! You can purchase from some good suppliers who are fast too. For obtaining more detailed information study the section of the supplier. 

Dumps. Receive them from Last Carding Service. The options are the following: classic, gold, platinum, world, business, signature and so on. If you are the beginner we would advise you to get classic one and buy poor lever products at first. Everything that is $200 – $500. The classic will work for not more than 3 times, but important rule is to keep less than 300 dollars, and everything will be all right. Gold and Platinum are for purchasing above 500 US dollars and up to 1000 US dollars. Business, signatures start from 1000 dollars and higher. These are only advise and not obligatory rules. 


Track 1 and 2 or only Track2 – all options are available from Last Carding Service. If you purchase only trek2 u can easily create Track 1 by means of the PCKit-track1 generator. You will need to code both tracks on your card. Don’t forget to alter your name on a dump. Track 2 only is used in some stores, but it is better to keep at the safe side and to encode two of them. 


Dump Example : 

Track1 B420000000000000000000^MEGAN/DONALD^0508XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

Track2 42000000000000000000=05081XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

Don’t forget to alter the name on track1 to your Novelty surname and first name. 

Plastic cards on which you put the dumps: All right, a reminder – do not use the own card for encoding, this is the bad idea. You can receive cards approximately from any place, you can try some chemistry shops, you can go for it or receive a gift card of Visa or MasterCard. Almost all shopping centers bear such GiftCards. Beware of Simon’s card as they have been frequently used before. Better to stay away. Suitable option is to buy from the plastic seller. 

Wallet. You’ll require an additional wallet to keep of your novelties. You shouldn’t use perspnal wallet and take your own cards and IDs replacing them with the novelty. 

Anon Phone. It isn’t necessary, but if you have phone merchant, you can call from anon cell before using the card. 

It is not obligatory to possess the whole set that I do, but it is all helpful. 

Fast start: Let’s imagine you have no time to wait to receive all the equipment, or there is no cash flow. You can think how I can rise money and move as fast and cheap as it can be. 

Answer: Surely, you can purchase dumps from the reviewed seller and buy plastic from the plastic supplier. Almost all of plastic sellers will code your cards. It can be the cheapest option to choose. We will tell, you buy 5 dumps for $50,00 = 250,00 US dollars and 5 plastics for $75,00 = $375,00 everything for $625,00. Add a drop to that 50,00 US dollars and for 675 dollars you can start work. One more privilage when choosing this way there will be the corresponding plastic. The plastic supplier will novelty info on your plastic. If you have not much money, try to take cash advance on your card. You will be able to refund it fast enough. 

So, I have got everything I need, can I start now? 

Answer: Ok, wait a bit, bro. Are you really sure that you are totally ready? 

You should set your mind into the correct way: Think always that it is your card, you are the owner, and you will behave as it is true. Repeat 50 times, and then pronounce it 25 times backwards, haha, just a joke, but you are who you think and feel you are. It is your card, do not be afraid, it is your card. Who’s the owner? It is also quite good to know what tells your identifier on a novelty. Memorize the address, etc as it will help to feel more confident and if the cashier suddenly asks unexpected questions. Imagine different situations and questions in your mind that might happen and have reasonable answers. 

There is a rule that customer is always right so whatever they say or do act and think as if you are totally legit. 

Choose the right place to shop! 

If it is your first time you should try places with self-swipe checkouts. Remember that there are self-swipes that will verify your ID. Do not pass by grocery shops with self-swipe. They are very good. In some of them there are even no cashier and you deal with everything yourself. 

Gas Stations- My advice is not to go to gas stations. The reason is that there are cameras almost everywhere and they will have your car information. Also some dumps die fast if used at a Gas Station. 

Purchasing with Cards that have non-matching last 4- Places that do not check last 4 or use AVS or type in CW2.  I will not give a list of stores that do or do not check. If you don’t know any just go to different shop and use your real card to see and check. 

Cards with matching last 4- Go anywhere where there are no AVS or type in CW2 .Again to know which one you need to investigate them yourself. 

What is AVS? 

Address Verification System- verifies cardholders real identity, sometimes only uses zipcode. 

Safety. It is very important subject, so I’ll give you some advice. At first be never parked opposite or in front of a store in which you purchase. If someone becomes suspicious, they can put down your license plate number or as I have mentioned, cameras will catch your car information. Be always parked rather far that no one from the shop sees you getting into your car. If it is ok, just be parked round the corner or may be somebody can drive and wait for you outside the scene. If you ask a friend to take part in it make sure both of you have mobile phone and if something bad happens you will run and he will drive towards you. If at the end you have to run then do not run directly to your car. Besides, you can have a small can with a pepper spray etc. It can be used for obtaining your freedom from security, but can result in the bigger charges in case you are caught. 

Planning– At this moment of time you are almost ready to start. 

Where I will go to purchase goods. It is the best of all to foreknow the area and the route there and back.  This will make sure you are not spending much time in the area. Moreover, makes sure you will quickly get in and out of the area. You don’t need to go on this way, but you can go as I would call it free style. 

As soon as you find your shop find a proper parking lot away from cameras and shop itself. Examine the area carefully in case something goes wrong. The important guidance of thumb is never go or run directly to your vehicle. Use different parking that is close to yours. If something goes wrong, you can quit shop, go to a different way and you bypass around shop to your car. But there will be an issue if you are overweight as it will be quite a challenge for you to run away fast. 

Keep different shirts in your bag. Going to next shop you can put on a different shirt which will help you to stay at a safe side. And if someone is running after you,  you can take one shirt of and stay in a different one that was underneath.  

For sure almost always you’ll be safe just running off the parking in your car really far as you have done hundreds of times. But please never relax and think that you are invulnerable. Be on alert ALWAYS as this will save your ass and keep your wallet fat. 

They shouldn’t be able to remember your features.  You can wear a hat or sunglasses. I advise you wouldn’t be wearing glasses inside the shop as it looks suspicious. The best way to mask yourself is to wear real glasses. If you don’t have ones just by the fake for staging, they will look very realistic. But if you do wear glasses then change the shape of wear lenses.  The option is also to shave or grow beard or moustaches.  After sometime change it back so that you can go to the same area etc. These are the tips for altering your appearance. 

You need to dress up the way that will help you to be just a one in a crowd. No one should remember you. 

Do not shop in the area you live. There is a possibility to be caught on camera. Your picture will be everywhere on TV so your relatives and friends might see. One more reason is that you do not want to come to the same shop but using your real ID. The possibility to be caught is small but still… 

So I am ready now. 

So everything is planned and organized, cards and dumps, ops and mind set. But what is next to go? 

Shopping. Off we go. Don’t forget, it is your card. Feel confident and act this way. Choose the goods, go to cash desk and check out. The choice of your cashier has the vital value, and you will be much safer if you follow my advice. Better choose young women. You want them to process you as if you are like all the rest.  Force them to feel that they have no reasons to request more information, for example, the identifier, etc. If they do ask for them, keep them in the purse and just you hold that they can see. 

If they want you to give it to them to compare signature just do it but keep your hand held out until you have it back. Begin with small deals and move little by little and it will pay you off a big deal in future for sure. 

Also, if your card deviates, it is highly recommended to have with you a backup. Just explain normally that you have gone overdrawn and will just give them a different card.  If your second card is rejected or you don’t have it tell them that you will go to bank or you will take the check-book, etc. If the card is picked up, tell them that your wife or the girlfriend have lost a card and have reported that it is lost, and you have forgotten. They will tell in 99% of time that it’s fine. Then you can use a different card or tell that you will return with the check-book. 

Call for authorization – if it occurs, tell them that you have to leave, and you have no time for that or just say that your card has exceeded a limit, and you don’t want to buy goods anymore. Just behave a s a confused cardholder.  Do everything to escape the call, especially if the card is still in their hands. 

Keep away from-If you are a beginner I would recommend you not to try carding a laptop at first. Begin with something small and keep your hands off high fraud items : electronics etc. Don’t go to high security shops and malls. The level of security there is too high for a newcomer to deal with at the beginning of your path.