I found a site that sells information about credit cards and their owners. I will review this store so that you understand what you encounter when buying dumps and CC.

Let’s deal with the most straightforward basics of carding. Why do carders need a credit card’s and cardholder’s information? They use this date to buy anything in the online store for other people’s money. This is called carding, and experienced carders make a lot of money in this way. What are dumps? A dump is specific information that is contained on a magnetic stripe of a bank card. What is CC? CC is the information that is included in the credit card (cardholder’s name, expiration date, and so on).

Now that we’ve dealt with the basics, we can move on to the full review of

To start with, let’s consider the design of the site. More precisely, its complete absence. I knew before that almost all websites that sell CC have a terrible design. But so the miserable design of the site I see for the first time. One could say that it is made in minimalism, but no, the site owner simply stinted money and did not spend them on design. He did not even try to make it attractive to the buyer. Everything looks as if the scammer simply made any site to deceive their customers. I also did not like the fact that if you want to enter the site, I will need to go through the registration stage. Also, there is almost no information on the site that can help me make a purchase.

Next, let’s find any information about the I always use the services of the Whois, because there you can find all the available information about the site owner and the site itself. So, what info we found.



created: 2016-08-25T15: 19: 19Z

IP of the site is located in Russia, such information already causes suspicion. I am also alarmed by the data that the site was registered in 2016. It means that several years have passed, and the owner still did not take care to make a functional website design and put it in order. This suggests that the seller does not care about the comfort of their customers and just wants to deceive them.

The Whois service helps us to analyze whether to trust a particular seller or not. I think you understand that this seller should not be trusted.

Next, I decided to try to buy CC from, but the site stopped working, and I could not contact the seller. After that, I also tried to find out more about this site on the carders forums. I wondered what kind of feedback the buyers left about this seller and whether it was possible for someone to buy credit card information there. Some buyers had the same problem as me. The rest told that they managed to contact the seller. But all their reviews ended with the fact that this store accepts cryptocurrency in payment for the order, but does not send the order. I did not see any positive feedback about this store.

What conclusion can we make about this store? None of the above points showed that this particular site can be trusted. ¬†Even more, we learned that it is not worth buying credit card and cardholder information on this site. Yes, you can check this information yourself and try to contact the seller, but I don’t want you to be deceived and your money stolen. Therefore, I advise you not to buy CC and dumps there Read reviews about stores before buying CC, because only an experienced carder can immediately recognize a fraudster among sellers.

Also, write your comments about what experience you have had with this store. Tell us, did you manage to buy something from this particular store or you were deceived. But if you are still thinking about whether to make a purchase or not, then my advice: do not buy anything there.

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