I often search for new sites that sell credit card information on the Internet. Sellers can trade as usual information about the card/cardholder, as well as comprehensive information (Fullz). This information is needed for carders to make purchases on the Internet using other people’s credit cards. Today I came across one such site for the sale of dumps, and I want to tell you more about it. Remember that you should always rely only on your experience and opinion, but take into account what experienced people write.

So, today we are reviewing

If you look at the site from a designer point of view, you can see that it is not as bad as it could be. Typically, websites that sell dumps have a terrible design. But at least some efforts were made to create this particular site. Although it was still difficult for me to find the necessary information. The design of this site confirms that its creators do not think about the excellent service for buyers and want to get easy money. They do not want to invest in what they do. This situation in the market makes me unhappy.

Also, I went to Whois to check who owns this site and if I can trust them at all. Let me remind you that Whois is a site for checking full information about the site, its owner, and so on. The following information is obtained from open sources of registries of the corresponding domain zones.

Domain: Status: active [Holder] Type: Natural person

That’s all the information that whois provided us. We do not see either the website’s IP, ¬†when it was registered or additional details. What does it mean? This means that the site owner has hidden the ability to view information about the site. As we understand, it is complicated to trust such a seller. I actively recommend you do not buy credit card information from a person who completely hides information about his site. Without checking when the website was registered, you cannot be sure that the owner of the site is not a fraudster, and he did not create it to make easy money. It often happens that dump vendors sell false information. Always check the site on whois service before buying CC or Fullz there.

We care about our customers, so we went further into checking this site to see if it’s worth your attention or not. After some time spent analyzing the site and its owner, I decided to register there. But as soon as I tried to register there, an error sign appeared on the screen, and the site stopped working. This situation shows us once again that this dump seller cannot be trusted.

After an unsuccessful attempt at registration, I tried to find any additional information about this site and the seller. I went to the carders forum and read reviews about And what do you think? I read a lot of reviews that people also had a problem with this site. But there were also people who managed to register and try to buy dumps from this seller. Almost all of them said that the seller accepts cryptocurrency in payment for the order, but then he disappears and does not get in touch with the buyer. As you already understood, he does not give orders. On the forum, I did not find any positive feedback about this seller.

Having concluded from all the information received, I advise you not to cooperate with this seller and do not make orders. In this case, you do not need to check the seller yourself to understand that he is a fraudster. There are a lot of similar sites on the Internet, and before making a purchase, I strongly advise you to read reviews about it and rely on the experience of other people.

Write in the comments your opinion on this matter. Perhaps someone bought dumps on this site or else had any information about the seller of this store.

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