Not long ago we were browsing the web in order to find a place to buy a credit card dumps, we have encountered an interesting example of a CVV online shop offering you some credit card dumps or CVV to enable you to make purchases almost anywhere online. The name of the resource speaks for itself: it’s called (, and this place isn’t any different from many other similar sites scattered around boundless arrays of websites on the Internet. We couldn’t identify that this site was of any credibility right at first sight and it was apparent that it needed to be thoroughly checked before used in practical purposes.

People tend to repeat that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the appearance of the site main page looks incredibly repulsive. It is so gray, and there is so little text  around the page implying that the creators of the site meant to be extremely straightforward, there isn’t even a single link redirecting towards an about us page. In our humble opinion this is too little to get to know about the site. It’s so odd, queer and bizarre, that we wouldn’t find any justification to trust the resource. It is apparently one of the most untrustworthy sites we have seen in our entire lives. What’s more, it is such an empty place on the whole Internet, we guess it was designed in such a way to get to the scamming part as quickly as possible, and in fact we have a reason to believe it as the site was carefully tested by our team that managed to come to definite conclusions.

Well, basically we’ve tested the resource on who is to find out what site it is and get some analytical data. We saw that its server was located in the USA according to the IP, and what was worth mentioning indeed is that the registry expiry date was already set in, and the site is about to move to a slightly different domain someday soon. It is such a queer site indeed that still somehow functions though it shouldn’t.

When a passer-by happens to hit the site it gets pretty obvious that this site is so dubious and dark because the background colors speak for themselves. It seems like the page was created in a minute to attract internet newcomers and sell them different trash instead of CVV or credit card dumps in the fastest way possible. We put in a lot of effort to see work in action and we immediately filled in the lines from a sign up bar, but the letter that was required to confirm an email and create an account didn’t come at all. Okay, we thought the problem might be on our site, and being still open to the possibility that a successful registration could take place on that resource we tried another email, but the second time the things deteriorated to the worst possible degree that when we submitted the second email, a script containing some unknown error emerged on the screen literally right out of blue leaving use extremely surprised and bewildered in a negative way. Being so astonished, we rushed to work through search engines and of course all good reliable resources we were aware of and finally we found a lot of confirmations that our suspicions and fears lest the site might prove to be a simple phishing scam, and, unfortunately our worst expectations turned out to be very true and accurate. On the thematic forums we found various discussions about, and its users were totally enraged with this nasty service, and they regret being so gullible that they paid their crypto currencies in advance, and once a transaction was complete, nothing more ever happened. Most people consider this site to be a terrible scam and advise you to avoid buying anything on it. Such is the verdict. Do you agree.

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  1. The truth about this cvvstore site is that most of its CC’s are already invalid but if you are lucky to buy valid ones, you will sure be very happy. i use it often and i can tell you that they are not scam but be sure to get many invalid cards. out of every 10 cards you get 6 or 7 invalid cards.

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