Searching for a site for dump cards I just checked ebin.cc. A site for purchasing credit card dumps. In general and this site in particular offers a big quantity of fresh credit card dumps to purchase for further use. 

ebin.cc  is quiet rich in information on the home page, it’s not a onepager and offers to visit 5 pages in total- home, forum, bin list, rules and contacts. It shows the statistics for this site for example how many members there are, for how many days this shop has been open and how many people are currently purchasing (this last bit sounds very- I will- write- an inviting- number in here- so -people think- this is a legit site). Also on the home page there is a frame to the youtube channel, this frame should supposedly show videos relative to the topic but there is nothing. There is only a sad picture of a cassette which means the video we are trying to watch is not available.  

There is also a forum but it’s empty, there is nothing written there and it doesn’t let me type in any information either. Vey questionable why it is even there. 

The site is pretty annoying with the flashing symbols and questionable colour theme. The registration on here as in all the rest of sites like this is very simple and straight forward, no personal questions of course. 

I checked whois. The IP address is registered in the USA and has been active for 774 days (accurate on the day of me writing this) but the information about the provider is hidden, IPv4 address block is not managed by the RIPE NCC. I also checked if the IP address was ever marked as spam or been noticed with spam activities, I have not been able to get any verifications of that. There are ways of hiding your IP when you do some dodgy business on the Internet and don’t want to get blocked so the lack of this kind of information in the spam database doesn’t mean there are no spam activities. From the looks of the site I still have doubts about what it is and if it works. The time you spend on registration on this page is short which is good but it’s not different from the other sites of this type.   

Registration went through and I received the access to my personal account. Now the purchasing experience.  The site of course accepts the crypt currency as well as all major payment methods except paypall. For some reason this payment method is not accepted. The site doesn’t give you any trials of the card dumps, if you want to try the dump to see if it works you need to buy it first. There is no chance for payments after. The owner of this site promises to replace any faulty dumps, but it sounds vague. There is a policy but it doesn’t say what it is exactly. 

Overall I wasn’t successful at making the purchase at all. I went through a lot of information and reviews of ebin.cc at some closed forums and the opinions of the other users are not supportive of this site. Some sent crypt currency as a payment but they never got the order. The site says that it takes longer to process the crypt payment. Others never get their purchase as it gets lost with the delivery. There are very mixed messages about this site. The owner states that he is very serious about his business and clients should be too and everybody should respect the seriousness of this.   

Judging by what I experienced myself and what others are writing about the ebin.cc web page and services they are not trustworthy. With a very big competition in this area you really should think your page through and be prepared that bad reputation will catch up with you if you mess up.  

Please leave your comments below if you have tried the ebin.cc web page and have some experiences you would like to share with the community. 

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  1. Ebin.cc is a scam and a few others they all have the same numbers just under different names he sells you bad cards and get mad when you ask for a refund he tries to reply after 30 minutes so he can say you exceeding the funding time or say you exceeded your refund limit but most of his cvvs are bad you have to try 3 before 1 works his support sucks entirely he’s just a scammer plan out !

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