Does fake money still work in 2018?



DECEMBER UPDATE 2018 – Domoneyout lowered min order from $200 to $50…

Fake money has always existed. Nowadays fake money is widely used as well. Specialists and ordinary people began to produce it many years ago and continue doing it now. They use nanotechnologies these days to make fake money so much better and better every new day. It becomes quite difficult to distinguish the real money from fake money if it is produced by professionals of the business using high technologies.

People use fake money for buying different necessary things and paying for a variety of services. Everyone likes an easy life! Just imagine – if you woke up the next morning rich with a lot of money, how would you feel? You never know where you’ll find, where you’ll lose. Therefore, many customers use fake money. No one knows what is true and what is false. Take your way of life as it should have been like this forever. Do not want to work hard in order to buy a burger, go to the online store and buy false money there! It is quick and fair!

Don’t forget, when you decide to spend it on anything, you have to assure that no one can check the fake cash. Allow yourself everything that you once wanted to receive for a long time. Be careful and attentive at the same time, as people around you think that you are going the wrong way. They in turn agree to work 24/7, leaving aside all real values.

However, fake money can not solve all the problems. There are a lot of deals and purchases when nobody is able to pay with fakes. It is possible to figure out whether it is real money or false, having transferred them to check by special automatic machines. All banks and huge the large companies have such equipment. Pay attention to the following examples of cases where the trick does not work:


  1. Buy an expensive luxurious house or apartment;
  2. Purchase the latest model of Lamborghini;
  3. Open a secure Bank account with fake money (unless it is in Mexico or Guatemala);
  4. Go to other formal or legal deals and transactions.

So this means that fake money can be useful, in case you know when it is acceptable. Everyone should learn beforehand some rules about use of fake money, when it’s worth to pay with such money, and when it’s not. Read the review to the end and you will learn a proven website where everyone can buy high quality fake money at a reasonable price in a few days.


A couple of years ago, I have tried to buy fake money on the darknet. I found an online store where I made the order. Later this store deceived me and stole my real money without giving me the fake one in return. I came across a scam 2 times in a row on the darknet. I was so disappointed. It turned out to be difficult to find a good service for buying fake money. There are a lot of scams in the darknet that are waiting for stupid customers to cheat them. Nobody can punish them as they work illegally. Moreover, there is no way to check the honesty of the particular seller.

I decided  to Google online stores. One of the first result was that took all my attention most. I dropped in. There was the nice and welcoming homepage. The design of the entire website is generally pleasant. Navigation of this online store turned out to be simple for both beginners and regular users. Several tabs lead you to the different themes of the website where you can find everything you need. If you have questions, you have two options. There is a FAQ tab where answers to the most asked questions are placed. On the other hand, you can email them, this web service has its own support service. They promise to reply within 24 hours. It works around the clock. The website presents a range of prices, a detailed report on the production of counterfeit money, the cost and terms of delivery, as well as a description of their professional team that works there.

In addition, there is a Reviews tab where they post reviews of customers who have already received their orders. This tab will help you understand whether to deal with this store platform or not. I looked it up, read a few comments where people said only good things about this store. They liked the delivery time, affordable prices and high quality of counterfeit money. If you prefer to believe independent reviews you can find them on the private forums.

When we got to there, we found positive reviews and opinions. Most of them were from grateful and satisfied customers. There were only two or so words where buyers said that this store delivered the order for a long time. Some users are strongly advised to buy fake money only through this online store. In fact, it is considered that private forums offer more realistic and reliable comments. This is a common case when people say negative things, since no one is perfect, everyone is wrong. Their number is much more important. Probably worth reading all the reviews that you come across in the search process for more confidence.

When I looked through all this information, I decided to make an order and see what happens in the end. This store convinced me to go for it. They proved all their promises on deals with past clients, so I thought they would fulfill it for everyone. Now, I am going to share my experience with you to help you make your own conclusion about domoneyout.


Day 1

For the first time decided to order fake 20 dollars ( I chose this amount in case I lost it. I was pretty sure about this store, but I wanted to be 100% sure. So, I paid for the order with Bitcoin. I really liked this fact that they accept cryptocurrencies. I find it more secure for both parties, especially when it comes to fake money that is not a legitimate product. After payment within 36 hours, I received a tracking number of United States Postal service (USPS).

I received the package in a few days later.

I should notice that the delivery was prompt and confidential. Sorry guys, but I can not reveal to you the real way as they disguise their shipping method. It is secret information, each store does it differently. My parcel came on time and to the correct address. I received it successfully. I can conclude that this online service has full control over the entire delivery process. Don’t worry guys, there is 99% that the post delivery will not attract anyone eyes except yours.

When I received the package, my first wish was to open it as soon as to evaluate the quality of the paper, of course. I was looking forward to get and check it out. It was my personal investigation, so I got carried away.


Day 2

Fake money was inside the package, as I expected. That was the first good sign for me. I took out 20 bucks. Looking at the banknotes, I noticed that they were made by the specialists’ hands. In my opinion, the fake money was of high quality. I tried to compare them, I put both real and fake banknotes together in front of my eyes. Then I was trying to distinguish one from the another, but I couldn’t. It really surprised me!  Of course, I am not an expert of it, but the false banknotes had all the official necessary signs and protective elements, like the real ones. It seemed like this company has produced banknotes on the real government factory. The paper was with a special aging effect to make them look even more authentic.

I have a friend who works in a bank. I shared my discovery with him. I showed him the fake money that I ordered. He took it for testing. Together we decided to find out whether the banknotes will pass a bank check by a special machine. The result was obvious, they did not pass. No one should forget that fake money is not real. You can’t use it in official places like banks, huge supermarket chains, official stores, ticket shops. There are many places where you can pay with them, but don’t do it in public and famous stores. In these places there are special verification.

By the way, my friend told me that these counterfeit money looked really authentic, as I concluded it myself. He added that he had never seen more realistic fakes before.


Day 4

I woke up this morning thinking that I should have checked the fake money already and bought something on them. I went further away from my neighborhood as I was a little afraid of being caught. So, I chose a small Korean shop in the suburbs. I decided to buy a pack of cigarettes like I was passing by that place. When I entered the store, I tried to calm down. I was a little nervous the first few minutes, but then everything went well. I went to the cashier and successfully paid fake 5 dollars. Great deal! The seller didn’t notice anything. After all, when I was driving home I lit a cigarette because I spent my first fake bucks.

On the way back I stopped by another small shop where I grabbed a beer for a night party with friends. The following weekend was going to be fun. The second purchase I made with great calmness and without any disturbing feelings. Returning home was filled with joyful thoughts, because everything went well and easily.


Day 7

Felt ashamed after cheating seller in a small shop. I’m an honest man, I have never done this before. A little later, another thought came to my mind. I believed it was not a big crime, that’s why I should not  have blamed myself. Of course, it is illegal, but many people use fake money, stolen phones and even fake identity documents. This is only fair if everyone does the same thing sometimes.

One of my friends said that Craiglist offers a wide variety of the stolen iPhones and iPads. As my first time I bought the cigarettes and beer with fake dollars successfully, I thought it would be easy and fair enough to buy the stolen phone for fake money. I came up with a dope idea: what if I buy one stolen iPhone out there. By the way, these phones are much cheaper there than new ones or those that were previously in use someone else. The stolen gadgets cost only 10%-20% of the original price. Therefore, I made a decision to buy fake money again on Domoneyout to buy the stolen iPhone and iPad on it. It seemed me to be the perfect way to use fake money.


Stolen (or carded) iPhone XS. Yep.


Day 9

Two days later, when the boss gave me the salary for the previous month, I came home and started to implement my plan. The rest of the 20 fake dollars I spent on cigarettes and snacks for the last days. You know, money goes away easily and quickly when you understand its origin. My mind is faced with the idea that when someone earns hard work, he can’t afford to waste it. But when you get easy money at the same time you get power. You seem lucky, you’re a lucky guy. Have you ever received a big win in a casino or lottery? If you want to give a chance to your own luck to show off itself, you have a great opportunity to try it now.

I went back to the website of the store where I ordered the fake money еthe first time. Then I decided to buy $500 in 20 bills, because this amount was enough to buy a stolen iPhone and iPad. I also needed money to buy little things. To be honest, my salary did not allow me to live in a big way at the moment I was sure that I found a method to get rich and earn a lot! My plan was to first buy these phones and then try to resell them in my town at a higher price. There are many people who are not paid well enough. They all want to have new smartphone but they can’t spend that amount on it as they have to feed their families. I believed in my future business. It’s been days waiting for my fake 500 bucks. In fact, it took only 3-4 days.


Day 15

The other day I received a parcel with delivery. It was safe and confidential, just like the last time. No one checked on the road, no one could know what was inside. The post officers or tax investigators were unable to sort out the transaction. It was almost impossible. is good at in discreet shipping. I instantly opened the package and found a fake $500 in 20-dollar bills. They looked as real as last time. I was quite satisfied with the delivery time and the quality of the product.

The next day I came on the Сraigslist and connected one of the vendors of the stolen gadgets, we agreed about the meeting in my hometown. I picked the seller who looked trustworthy as he had many positive reviews. No names, no personal information, no documents for the goods. We met, exchanged the fake stuff – he gave me a iPhone and a iPad, I gave him fake $400 (he didn’t know that it was the false cash, of course), and we went our separate ways. Did he call the police? I don’t think so. I guess he found out later that I paid with fake money, I’m pretty sure. These scammers are not so stupid, they know a few tips on how to distinguish real money from fake as they have a lot of deals with similar scams just like they are. Anyway, he didn’t have any checker with him, his practice didn’t help him uncover my deception. I was glad to carry out my first step of a big plan!


Summing up

Sorry dear readers, but I am not going to tell you how my business is going now. I may share my success with you later, but not now when I am at the beginning of the way. I can only say that I got lucky to deal with that  has shown me this way. The truth is the fake money brought me not only material benefit, but the realization of dreams as well.

Feel free to place an order on this website, the team of professionals will produce top-quality fake bucks for anyone who wants to hit the jackpot! I highly recommend using this site as it has proven to be safe, fast and useful for me. They make fake money with absolutely careful conditions. I went to investigate and checked this site several times, ordering fake money only from them. Now I am totally convinced that they do not know who I am, my identity and any personal data. Use this service without a doubt if you are tired of your current lifestyle and urgently need to change it. Go ahead, don’t waste your time!

If you choose another store, check it out very well as there are a lot of scams that would like to earn on simple hard workers.  I ran into scammers a couple times on the darknet some time ago, I lost my money, was sad and angry. Therefore, I do not advise to repeat, but suggest using the proven method. Be careful during the selection process, follow the customer reviews or my articles. I am happy to be always useful for my audience! Good luck and take care.

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