, in the past it was also known as is a site that offers you to buy some fresh credit card dumps and CVV online in order to make purchases on the Internet. That sounds appealing, without any doubts, but in fact our team has a suspicion that there’s something strange and shady about this site since it looks unbelievably trivial, therefore we endeavor to find out the truth about this project because at first glance it doesn’t indicate a kind of trust, but the words used on the main page are pretty promising, thus we can’t help but do our own research on the website to let you know if it’s a reliable to use. Our team suggests it’s not worth it, but, first things first, we need to work properly on each assumptions we make.

On the outlook the site doesn’t look luxurious at all, just another single-paged resource with a quick link redirecting to a brief introduction about the site. It’s one of the simplest sites we have encountered so far. When you open the main page, a sign up bar is situated right in front of your eyes waiting for you to sign in or create a new account to make use of all the services that has got to offer. In order to log in one must enter a captcha, which is a good point in a way, but this doesn’t solve any problem by any means. The remarkable thing is that the quick link isn’t working most of the time, and that implies the website is designed and constructed as poorly as it can virtually be.

The next step was to check the site on whois, we did it and received the information that its IP is currently located in the USA, and the registry date is already about to expire meaning that the site may change its domain name in the nearest future.

We had some doubts and suspicions about this CVV shop from the very start and did our research to find the truth. Our first and foremost endeavor was to set up an account in order to tell you everything one may experience browsing this site, but nothing functioned the right way and we wasted so much time waiting for a letter carrying a special link to confirm our email and set up an account to perform some basic operations, but we received no letters from them. Moreover, things got even stranger when we tried to create an account using a different browser or another device as we got to see a script showing an unknown error, therefore we didn’t see anything working from this site. It started to resemble a bait even more, so this caused us to search for answers to puzzling questions on the web and visited some shoppers communities and read group discussions where participants warned their fellow users not to succumb to that scamming project since they lost decent amounts of crypto currencies that the resource accepted as a means of payment. Thus our team reached a conclusion is a resource created by swindlers in order to suck money out of innocent internet users.

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