The other day we were searching the web on Google and found out some interesting facts about hackseller.com website which offers you incredibly cheap credit card dumps that you can make full use of in order to purchase almost anything online.

It’s time to let you know the truth about this domain, get ready to read our honest opinion. As a matter of fact, the site is not that convenient in terms of money transfers, i/e the number of failed transactions is oftentimes very high, and the management of this service is so volatile, so we are tempted to consider this resource unreliable from the start.

Well, as for the outlook of the site, then it is too damn trivial. The start page looks quite trivial, with a gray picture depicting parts of a world map, visa and master card logos, brief information about the site founder who proclaims himself a professional hacker, plus some quick links for you to know additional info about this site, anyway that won’t help you to get the gist of what it’s all about. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity, it was deliberately created to make you think the site is worth your trust since everything is clear and transparent. Isn’t it so ridiculous?

Having analyzed hackseller.com ,we run through whois and figured out that the domain was created on 2016-03-28 and updated two years later: 2018-02-16. The server’s IP is located in NYC, US. The register was REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NAMES REG.RU LLC, based in Russian Federation. It seems a little bit shady, doesn’t it?

Let’s move on to the site interface. At first site it looks suspicious and dubious, and pretty cheesy, the creators appear to be frugal on the design and making the front page appealing isn’t one of top priorities for the creators. Of course, we don’t judge the book by its cover and we decided to test the site out to figure out what it really is. What aims do the hosts pursue? Is it a scam or not? The first step we took is rather obvious: we filled in a registration form in order to create an account. We mentioned the email to receive a letter with an activation link but we wouldn’t receive it, the script constantly indicated an unknown error and later on the site stopped working completely to the degree that we were unable to open any of its pages. To find the reason why we returned to searching engines and began browsing all private forums to find a reason why this site is so tricky in relation to its own users and potential customers, so whenever we read feedbacks, we tended to come across the same whining complaints about its activity, users thought it to nothing but an ordinary fraud hub dealing with cryptocurrencies. Lot’s of people sent their precious cryptos from the wallets, the transactions happened to be really successful, the host received his award anyway, but he wasn’t decent enough in order to be honest with the customers and execute orders in a correct way.

It’s nothing but a scum. Don’t trust it, people. It looks so easy, but in fact the crook is just collecting your money. Tell us what you think of  hackseller.com in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Hackseller.com

  1. Hackerseller website is a scam.. I sent $300 to their wallet and nothing has been added into my account. I also contacted them through icq 8866898.. and they just ignored my messages and calls through icq.. don’t trust the site!

  2. Be careful guys he is just Scam and fraud he take my money and never give me anything also after i sent him the bitcoin to his wallet he stopped took to me.
    Again i tell very clearly hackseller is just scam to take away people money

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