Recently we had a chance to encounter, a unique website selling CVV and dumps at cheap prices so that you could easily buy certain things on the Internet. But is it that easy in the reality? Our team has encountered dozens of similar websites, and they, in turn, proved to be really fake shops selling absolutely nothing for real money, and the potential customers are left disappointed as they were promised to have exceptionally fresh CVV and credit card dumps, but they don’t receive anything as they hit another clickbait. Chances are might be just like other similar sites, or maybe it’s not that bad actually, so our team ventured to explore this interesting specimen.

The first impression of the site is so far from a pleasant one. Its design couldn’t be even simpler. Just a plain white page with some little black text awkwardly jotted down all over the place. At the very top on the left there’s a sign-up bar, and at the very bottom we can see one quick link directing to a CVV shop. It directs to a brief description about the site. They claim they’ve been working since 2011, and got enough reputation to be scamming-free. Our team strongly believes in the idea that actions speak louder than words, so we didn’t hesitate to test everything out for ourselves. Read further if you are ready to learn the results of our research.

The initial simple test was on whois: the website’s IP is located in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, ISP is Contel OOO, and the registrar is Eranet. The registry expiry date is due to November 2018. Officially the site was registered by a Russian entrepreneur  Artem Stroev who is based in the city of Saint Petersburg.  This is the most basic info about the odd site.

In general, our experience on the website was really strange because no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t see the actual work of the selling system despite the fact that the creators of the site claimed they always chased modern technologies, and that they did their best to make the site the most convenient and fastest among all its counterparts.  However, we filled in a sign-up form, but this proved to be a real failure. Firstly, we were waiting for the letter with a link to confirm our profile, but nothing was about to come to our inbox, therefore we realized we need to repeat the registration process. Anyway, the second try proved to be even more unsuccessful as a script notifying about an error appeared on the screen, and the creation of a new account in the system became a complete failure. That bizarre circumstance made us surf through secure resources with a high reputation in order to find out what we should expect of this enterprise, and in group discussions we got to know that many other users suffered from those swindlers, they paid in crypto currencies, and not a single order they paid for using their wallets was complete successfully. All the things mentioned above lead to the conclusion that this site happens to be just like other similar project – a trap for those who want to buy something unbelievably cheap.

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