Lately there’s been a large increase in numbers of sites offering credit card dumps at so-called reasonable prices so that people could improve security, anonymity, and other things so needed for online shopping. They tell different tales about the coolness of their site, but we decided to check whether it is true. So we hit most popular search engines and began exploring that brand new site. Now it’s time to write our vision in detail with much more precision.

Unlike its counterparts, is rather unique and although its design is also very simple, it isn’t that full of minimalism containing one almost blank page. It has some quick links that illuminate in green when you’re about to hit them, but they don’t really direct to valuable information – just trivial pages full of self-praise and other things that do not carry any meaning at all. It’s made just for show and to draw your attention, dear reader. Moreover, try to keep your head calm and don’t be tricked by a portrait of a respectable man advertising the main page: we bet the site creators took his picture from the Internet without asking his permission at all. One of interesting things about is that its sing-up bar has capcha to verify personality and avoid risks of spamming and working with robots that can’t bring anything useful to the site owners, because the only thing they want is real people, to be more precise, their real money. In short, designers did their best to create such a beautiful trap to entice larger quantities of naive people believing in internet fairy tales.

As our investigation went further, we put the site on test and ran it through whiois to find out where it is located and where exactly its registration took place. Well, its IP is in Beijing, China, the creation date is this: 2016-01-24, the site was updated on 2017-11-28, and expiry date is due to 2019-01-23.  The registrar is Eranet. It seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?

Anyway, we tried to enhance our experience on the website and attempted to find out how it really works beyond its appealing and eye-catching surface. First things first, we embarked on the creation of the account in the system, but all our attempts proved to be unsuccessful. We waited for so long, but the confirmation link in the replying letter wouldn’t come to our inbox and so we had to give it another try and create an account one more time, but no, it wasn’t a success either, only some script indicating an error appeared on the screen, and we lost all hopes to make a deal with this shady site. At that moment we were really wondering why there were so many problems with and whether they were actually on our side or not. Some reliable sources proved we were not alone facing trouble with the site. Many other users grumbled on being baited into a real cryptocurrency trap because the owners accepted some transactions that couldn’t be canceled as a way of getting paid, but they tended to break their promise and didn’t do any work at all leaving their customers with nothing but shattered dreams about fresh credit card dumps. This is so mean of them! In conclusion, our team supposes there’s enough evidence on the web for you not to be made a fool of by those crooks. Be careful and please add a few words in the comment section if you have something to say on the issue.

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  2. Yes am inside a prison and I need to get my cash back up for an appeal lawyer can I be get a legit site for cards pls no games I got about $300 to spend on cards

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