I have been roaming in this type of stuff for a while now. In this type of area I have accumulated my own vendors of the fresh credit card dumps. However having said that I am constantly on the look out for new supply. I must say that I use dumps exclusively for purchasing stuff on the internet only but it’s not what I am here to talk to you about today. 

Anyway, the past couple of weeks I have been surfing the web for new offers for card dumps and I came across with very appealing offers.  This is the thing they attract potential clients with but promises do not live up to the expectations. Let’s start form the site. The web site is daft. It’s a type of landing, a very poorly made onepager. We are not even talking about useably accessibility and user friendliness, it’s a plain dump. But it doesn’t matter as much as the following problems I faced. The first obstacle was at the level of registration.  This site didn’t’t want to register me at all. After typing in my email address and verification capture of numbers and letter the page refreshed and asked me to do the same thing again, over and over again until I finally got through and was supposed to receive a confirmation email but the registration page did not lead me to the content and information I was after. Furthermore up to now I haven’t got any verification email. And if we read the reviews it is a very often accruing problem. 

I looked up the IP address and the place of registration of the domain and found out that it all is very fresh. And what put me in a very doubtful state was the fact that the hosting of this is in Russian Federation.  I also checked if the IP address was ever marked as spam or been noticed with spam activities but haven’t found anything on that. 

Driven by the interest and my state of utter annoyance with this site I went into the dark web to search for some reviews of this shithole site. What I found out only proved the accuracy of my doubts. This site has got only the negative reviews and a bunch of complaints from the tried and failed guests of the Most commonly people are writing that the only way of paying for the dumps on is by crypt currency. And literally everybody who paid never got anything from the site. Everybody agrees that this site is a bubble scheme which is  there out in the open only to get the money from the customers without actually providing the service. That is if the guest is stubborn enough.  

But you have to be hell of a stubborn person to fight through the painful registration on here to get anywhere near the moment of actual purchasing. You will spend a lot of your precious time before you can get any sort of result from this web site and the results you get from it are not going to be good. I honestly don’t get the reason why anybody can go through the trouble of making a site and do somewhat marketing for it to cut off 90 percent of the interested people and potential buyers by such poor performance and usability in the first 10 seconds they are there . You literally want to break your computer after the first minutes you spend there. With such a competition in this area you really should think your page through and not disappoint from the start. Unless what you are trying to do is to chop off a chunk of cash from people who don’t bother to compare and contrast the offers of credit card dumps or simply check all the available sellers on the web. 

Anyway this experience was utter waste of time and energy. I don’t recommend to go anywhere near it. Leave comments if you have tried and failed or tried and succeeded working with I am very curious to read any real or fake success stories.  

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