Today I looked at some sites for purchasing credit card dumps. In general these types of sites give us a chance to buy fresh credit card information to further use. So I went on the page of It’s the poorest web page I have ever seen. There is no information or anything. Just 2 liners to type in login and password to access the information you are provided with when buying a credit card dump.  

I get it, you are on this site to get your thing and go do business with it but should it be so freaking bland!? The only plus here is that they only ask for the most basic info from you, you answer 2 questions and here is your access.  

I checked whois. The IP address is registered in the Nethelands. There are links of the same IP with different countries in the EU and Asia. I also checked if the IP address was ever marked as spam or been noticed with spam activities, I have not been able to get any verifications of that. There are ways of hiding your IP when you do some dodgy business on the Internet and don’t want to get blocked or linked with any illegal activities so the lack of this kind of information in the spam database activities doesn’t mean there are no spam activities. From the looks of the site I still have doubts about how clean this site is. The time you spend on registration on this page is good, but this is the only plus point about it.   

After typing in my email address and verification code of numbers the page refreshes and asks me to put in the code again, and again, and again. I received a confirmation email but the registration page did not lead me to the content and information I was after. Next I followed the link from the confirmation email that was more successful. I ended up on the page with the info about the dumps. The site of course accepts the crypt currency as well as payments from paypall. Naturally, it would be stupid not to let the customer have a fat variety of payment methods. However the accessibility of the site is questionable, loading takes ages, page refreshes by itself.  

Overall I wasn’t successful at making the purchasing at all. After reading some extra information and reviews of at the closed forums I confirm that my struggles were not unique in their nature and most people are commenting about the same problems and the lucky or should I say the unlucky few who were successful to get to the end of this quest and actually purchase some dumps report that after making a payment for the dumps you have to wait for sometimes up to a week to receive the card details. And when they received them only a few out of I don’t know how many were possible to use for inline purchasing or other things these dumps are required for. 

In my opinion and judging by the experiences of other people who used the web page and services you have to go through a lot and send a lot of your precious time before you can get any sort of result from this web site and the results you get from it are not always going to be good. I honestly don’t understand. These people create a web page which solemnly aims at getting customers and turning their interest into them actually buying dumps yet it’s so complex and user unfriendly. You literally want to flea it after the first 5 minutes you spend there. There is some godly patience that the people who stuck around at have. This site cuts of 90 percent of interested people and potential buyers by such poor performance and usability. With a very intense competition in this area you really should think your page through and not cut throat to it right from the start.  Some pdf review here.

Comment below if you have encountered the web page and have some experiences to share with the community. 

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      1. I bought one it worked came back for bulk and the buy part just keeps loading..I submitted ticket and was ignored 😭😭😭

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