Here is our honest opinion of swipe.bz, another website offering credit card dumps starting from one dollar. It’s so alluring for inexperienced users, but we have a warning for you: a blank page with a simple registration form doesn’t look like a well-built site at all. So, whether or not should you trust this site still remains one big question with an apparent answer to it, but if you’re still in doubts we hope that this article will surely help you to get rid of all unreasonable doubts forever.

The appearance of  swipe.bz so bland, plain and tasteless, that it’s no use trying to validate its reliability because the hosts don’t seem to be willing to show their true colors right in front of potential customers. There is no contact us section, at least for unregistered users or guests, so it looks as though the site owners do their best to disguise who they are. Such shadiness can only mean one thing: the hosts are involved in a suspicious business and want to avoid responsibility for those awful things they do on a daily basis deceiving many innocent clients every day just stealing their money. Don’t be fooled by this simple design, as a matter of fact, it’s nothing but another cunning clickbait for you, dear reader.

As for the site analyses, its IP is located in Saint Petersburg, the city of Russian Federation. WHOIS showed that the certificate was lastly updated in 2018, and the expiration date still remains unknown. The provider is bank campus network & e-commerce cluster. Those guys are certainly involved in money matters. Laundering? Most likely.

In order to make things clear, we moved further and embarked on creating an account via registration form that’s right before your eyes when you open a start page, the effort was definitely worth it as we think it contributed a lot in our endeavor to reveal a dubious resource that still somehow fascinates its users leaving them kind of blind and unable to notice obvious things that the site is nothing but a fraud. It was so poorly designed just to steal your precious money in an impeccable manner, dear reader.  So, we entered our data and submitted it, but the registration was never completed. We don’t know why but the site was about to stop working properly, and the error script popped up truly unexpectedly. Probably, it has some restrictions for specific countries or IP ranges, whatever.

In the process of moving on with our investigation and burning with curiosity we started the enterprise of surfing Google an other search engines to find discussions on private forums, and, frankly speaking, we got to know that the cite workers accepted crypto currencies as a means to pay for their job which was never done, but the crooks always demanded that payment should be transferred beforehand, so they got it without doing actual work. They just deceived naive customers who still believed in internet wonders. After everything mentioned above, we suppose that swipe.bz appears to be a scum website and we strongly suggest you should avoid using it in whatever purposes. Share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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  1. on prtship.com he is considered a verified seller. Im starting to doubt the admin of prtship if they willing to verify such a sketchy vendor

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