We took our time to conduct some research on the web and find out whether is a reliable source or not. Chances are it’s not really worth your trust, but the final decision may still be up to you. In fact it looks not that bad, but most people won’t call the main page really well-developed, well, because the developers didn’t think about the development of the site – the only thing they were totally preoccupied with is how to get your money from you. Our team has some suspicions about this site, it may be a phishing one, and we tend to feel that our investigation of the portal activity is quite reasonable.

At first glance the main page of course is pleasant enough not to make every other guest leave the site immediately, but the confusing and embarrassing thing is that it is the only page available for users. What to navigate, what to explore on this godforsaken site is such an open question, my friends. The list of countries of CC is pretty large: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States are the countries of so-called valid credit card credentials. What about the info about the purpose of the site, contact us section? It seems like the creators didn’t bother to keep in touch with the audience that much – they would rather care about accepting payments from potential clients as quickly as possible leaving poor people with absolutely nothing.

Having thoroughly checked we figured out that its IP is located in France, running via WHOIS showed this site was created relatively recently, the date is the following: : 2017-03-25, and it was updated on  2017-12-13, the registry expiry date – : 2019-03-25, the registrar’s name is REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NAMES REG.RU LLC., it starts to get too peculiar for the team.

However, we were persistent in our attempts to see how the site really works, so we did our best to create an account and try to catch a crook, but somehow we couldn’t even make it. Our desperate tries to sign up ended up with a complete failure despite all the efforts we made.  The replying email containing a confirmation link wasn’t received and we were left with nothing bot an error script that popped up so suddenly, that we’ve come to the realization of the fact there is something wrong with for sure. It definitely stopped functioning the right way. We had to move on exploring all the depths of the web with the help of omnipresent Google of course. We worked our way through all reliable private forums where we read people’s negative reviews about descring their bad experience with the site. What’s more, those people pointed out that the site accepted crypto currencies to get paid for their services, but they were never done completely and properly, so people felt like they were deceived in a very awful way. We have a reason to think that is a scam. Let us know what you feel about it in the comments below.

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